About the Augustine Collective

We, the members of the Augustine Collective, have come together because we believe the Christian Gospel encompasses the whole of life itself; that the brokenness of this world is mirrored in the brokenness of God on the cross; and that the answer to our brokenness is found only in the Resurrection. For us, this means that all things hold together in Christ: art, history, music, philosophy, mathematics, literature, poetry, medicine, law, justice, and science. The modern university was founded to pursue these things: Light and Truth, as Yale has it, or simply Veritas, at Harvard.

We publish journals that bring the intellectual riches of the Christian tradition to bear upon the diverse ideas in the modern academy. Our goal is to be thoughtful witnesses to our faith, to do the difficult yet exciting work of integrating faith and reason in the pursuit of truth.

Annual Retreat

The Augustine Collective Annual Retreat gathers the staff of college-based Christian journals for a time of encouragement and training. During the retreat, students interact with Christian thought leaders and editors, share experiences with peers from other campuses, and think strategically about the next steps for their publication. The retreat also provides guidance for students interested in starting a publication on their campus.

This year, the 10th annual Augustine Collective retreat will be held on January 19-21, 2018 in Boston, MA at the Hyatt Regency Boston.

Our keynote speakers are Andy Crouch, former Executive Editor of Christianity Today, Meghan Sullivan, Notre Dame Philosophy Professor and founder of the popular God and the Good Life course, and Jose and Nikolle Reyes, co-founders of Metaleap Creative and award-winning publication designers.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about starting a journal on your campus, contact us, or visit our main website.